Carol Gough

Carol is a qualified Legal Executive in our Litigation department. She joined the practice in 2014 having previously worked for several years in a large Dublin law firm. Carol has extensive experience in providing litigation services all areas of litigation including:

Personal injury litigation

Professional negligence claims

Employment Law

Contract disputes

Debt Collection and Enforcement (all jurisdictions)

Property/Landlord and tenant disputes

Judicial Review

Representing clients in District Court, Circuit Court, High Court, Supreme Court and Commercial Court level to include Courts of Appeal and injunction proceedings.

Carol’s duties and experience include:

Specific knowledge and experience of general and commercial court litigation practices and procedures in all Court jurisdictions. Managing Circuit & High Court general litigation, personal injury, employment law, and debt recovery and enforcement files;

Legal Research;

Drafting pleadings and preparation of documents for lodging in Court Offices;

Preparing Briefs; Instructing and attending on Counsel;

Drafting and issuing Motions, briefing Counsel, preparing motion books, and Court attendance at motion hearings;

Managing District, Circuit, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court appeals and preparation and submission of Books of Appeal;

Drafting District and Circuit Court debt recovery proceedings; issuing and service of documents, drafting Affidavit of Debt; Obtaining Judgments in default of Appearance/Defence; preparation of papers and Court attendance in defended proceedings;

preparing Judgment papers; advising post Judgment options and enforcement methods available to client; instructing Sherriff, registering Judgment Mortgages;

Liaising with clients and advising on procedural aspects and case progression.

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